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How to Start a Food Blog – The Complete Guide with Smart Ideas to Create and Make Money

In the world of blogging, a food blog is one of the top-paid niches. The average revenue from a food blog is around $10000 per month for many successful food bloggers. It’s so surprising to hear, but it’s true.

It’s easy to give a quick start and start blogging. But you need to face and come across through tough competition to rank better. This is a challenging task.

If you are a food lover, love cooking, and would love to share your recipes and make money from them, you are in the perfect place. This article will teach you the best ideas, examples, and a guide on food blogging. 

What is a Food Blog?

A food blog is about writing content on the recipes you cook daily or the recipes you know. Food blogs are trendy and the most followed niche. Food blogs are fun to run and maintain when you have an enthusiasm and love for cooking. 

It is one of the niche where you don’t need to worry much about what to write. You can find tonnes of ideas to write about.

Food blogs are one of the top 10 popular blog niches that generate good revenue with proper work.

Topics that cover food blogs are

  1. Recipes
  2. baking mixes
  3. Cookbook
  4. Instantpot
  5. Meals
  6. Pantry and snacks
  7. Vegan
  8. Gluten-Free
  9. Holidays and seasons
  10. Desserts

Talking about blogs, if you have started a blog recently, looking for how to write a blog post, here is a great guide for your reference: How to write a blog post

10 Best Ideas to Make Your Food Blog More Popular 

Ever searched for simple pasta making? Even if you do not, you can notice Google Showing 5,80,00,000 results when you search for it. Isn’t it a shocking thing to digest?  Yes, it’s. You can find thousands of food bloggers and YouTubers these days on food blogs and vlogs.

The competition is exceptionally high, but it’s possible and, in fact, not very challenging to cut through the competition and rank better when you know the right tactics and good work.

Here are our five beauty tips to make your blog more popular.

Unique Content 

Let me explain. This is the best advice in food blogging. Take the example of yourself. If you want to make a recipe you never tried much, you will touch at least ten sites before making it.

Because your mind would be looking for a process that’s something new, unknown, or never heard before. If there is any article that added something or that’s trying something new, you would tempt to watch it whether you cook it or not. 

The bored mind will always look for uniqueness. So try experimenting with many more and keep updated. Don’t stick to the old traditional recipes. 

Intense research is required in analyzing and reading your competitor’s pages. When you have thorough research, you can understand how beautifully you can create your blog and write posts better. 


People are so health conscious these days with the rise in fast and junk foods. When they hear this recipe is suitable for this particular type of disease or can cure it or reduce the intensity levels, they will be more aware and take a second to view it even if they don’t intend to make it.

Try researching all the health benefits associated with that recipe. And highlight that in your featured images and the beginning. That motivates people to read more and lets them follow you.

Small tip: When discussing any vegetable, ingredient, or fruit, try waiting for a positive note or serious note regarding health by highlighting it. And don’t give deeper suggestions unless you are a certified doctor.

Most Beautiful Images

Images are the most potent tools in food blogging. People first notice how you made it after visiting your blog and searching for a particular recipe. They will understand through the pictures you have posted.

If they are good enough and so much attractive, then they can’t resist themselves to stop reading. High-quality and creative images make the readers open and check your recipe even for pleasure.

High-Quality Images for food blog

Starting a Youtube Channel

A Youtube channel and running a food blog are a crazy combination. If you start a youtube channel, you can drive more traffic to your blog and generate a separate revenue source apart from your blog because you will need pictures to post and even short videos too.

There are still many people who would love to read cooking recipes. Along with your video, they will visit your site when you post the link to the description to read. When they watch your video, they will just know the process of making it but may or may not remember anything.

Instead of watching the video back, if you have a blog, they will visit your blog and check back the ingredients list easily. 

Professionalism and Friendliness 

You may not be a famous chef or may not be a professional. But you need to appear and write like a professional. As there is a huge competition, professional writing and images will make your blog look trustworthy and more reliable.

As this is a food blog, don’t lose your professionalism but try maintaining a convo tone and free writing mode. Don’t be over-friendly but maintain that connection with your re because that makes the readers remember your name and search for your content every time.

Search Engine Optimization

You shouldn’t forget SEO at any cost. Though you write better, you can stand on the front pages and can’t show your content to the world if you miss SEO. So work on it. 

SEO is crucial in reaching a larger audience. From day one, start learning A to Z on SEO, especially interlinking, keyword research, and external linking. Implement them from the first day of writing. 


You can notice that many people start food blogging with immense enthusiasm. They expect success and draw out the plan. Because this is so familiar and most read and followed niche by many people.

But it’s all about consistency and punctuality. Even if your initial days are evil, keep posting very punctually.  Along with improving your mistakes, keep on producing content and writing regularly.

Guest Blogging and Partnerships

Yes, raising a food blog quickly is challenging. But you can amplify it by asking for guest blogging. Getting someone for guest blogging is challenging when you can’t invest anything. 

It’s a practical step. Keep writing emails and approaching through Linkedin with a good message and mail. Try approaching more people. Ask them to give support to your channel. 

Collect Emails 

From the beginning days of your blogging, collect emails. Who would subscribe for you? But don’t delay. From day one, keep an option to collect emails from your visitors. 

Most people who email you will visit and check your recipe whenever you write a new post. 

Reading Other Food Blogs

It is definitely a mandatory requirement for every blogger to read and follow other successful blogs. You need to catch their regular updates, notifications, and everything. In the process of reading and observing, you will learn a lot from them.

To start a food blog, you must follow at least five popular food blogs. You need to notice how they were successful and what strategies you can implement by analyzing them. This can be a very helpful method to motivate and teach you.

10 Best and Popular Sub-Niches for Food Blogs 

Here are the ten best and most popular sub-niches you can try in your food blogging. It’s always advisable to start and focus on one sub-niche and expand to other. It will be better if you segregate the topics in the beginning and post your recipes.

  1. Simple recipes
  2. Snacks corner
  3. Ingredient division
  4. Healthy recipes
  5. Breakfast recipes
  6. Dinner Recipes
  7. Desserts
  8. Lunch recipes
  9. Travel recipes
  10. Occasion recipes

Top 10 Food Blog Examples to Inspire You.

Here are some best examples of food blogs that make massive revenue from different types, and all are very popular.

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker example of a food blog


It was started in 2012 by Dana and John. Dana manages creative writing and processes, whereas John manages the technical things. With a simple idea of cooking, it reached a large community with many followers and high revenue making. 

Minimalist baker covers all types of recipes. The essential thing about minimalist is that you can filter the recipe type. You can find many filters like the season, special diet, cuisine, simple factor, ingredient, etc.

Revenue Generation 

It sells e-books to visitors. It also maintains its store selling baking mixes. Kitchen essentials, pantry items, photography and light equipment, and their products. It doesn’t accept any kind of sponsorships, but it runs revenue through advertisements. 

Talking about blog revenue, if you have to want to how to improve your blog and make money from it, here is a reference for you: How to make money blogging

Damn Delicious

Damn delicious example of a food blog


Just like the name is damn delicious, the blog pages look so beautiful. Even the founder and blogger of damn delicious also look so wonderful. Chungah also thought of becoming something else like a doctor or lawyer, or dentist. But destiny made her a successful food blogger.

It started with experimenting, but later damn delicious gained fans across the globe. She shares recipes for all types. She also delivers high-quality, attractive images in all her recipes. That made people tempted to read her recipes of her.

Revenue Generation 

Damn delicious has main revenue-generating methods: affiliate marketing, advertising, cookbooks, etc.

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum example of a food blog


The founder of  Pinch of yum gives the perfect example. The voice behind this successful blog is Lindsay. She was a fourth-grade school teacher and started food blogging as just a hobby.

But it evolved into a wonderful food blog. It tells the new food bloggers that they can do it too. It includes vegan recipes, instant recipes, pot recipes etc.

Revenue Generation

The main revenue generation ways are affiliate marketing, Adsense, and other sources.

The First Mess 

The First Messexample of a food blog


Laura wright produces the most wonderful vegan recipes. The whole blog fills with all delicious vegan-based recipes. Laura moves intending to provide vegan recipes to everyone and encourage everyone to consume more plants. 

Her blog fills with tasty soups, desserts, and many more. Reading these blogs also makes us feel like we are in a different world.

Revenue Generation

The main ways of generating revenue are selling cookbooks, affiliate marketing, and advertisements, etc.

Simply Recipies 

Simply Recipes example of a food blog


Founded by Elise Bauer from recording and writing favorite recipes, simply recipes evolved into a larger group with support from food experts, fans, and chefs many more. The idea and motive behind the simply recipes are to give the readers the simplest recipes and most tasty recipes after rigorous testing and development. 

It has many sections like easy recipes, holiday recipes, cruising guides, ingredient guides, etc. Most importantly, they study whether the viewers want to make the recipe again or not. They create their own recipes after many experiments. 

Revenue Generation

Simply recipes have several ways of revenue-generating ways like partnerships, affiliate marketing, selling guides, cookbooks, etc.

I am a Food Blog 

I am a food blog example of a food blog


The name I am, a food blog, suggests the creator’s creativity levels. You would fall in love with the pictures first. The couple Mike and Steph run this blog, and the comments in the blog tell how amazing the blog is.

It has recipes for Chinese, Japanese, and many more, along with cooking guides, cooking basics, and other guides too.

Revenue Generation

I am a food blog that is open for collaborations and partnerships too. Along with them, they run ads and also work on affiliate marketing.

As we are speaking about blogs, if you are looking to start a lifestyle blog, here is a great reference for you: Top 10 lifestyle blogs, and start yours today.

Kalyn’s Kitchen

Kalyn’s kitchen example of a food blog



A clear example of sweet cooking and kitchen is Kalyn’s kitchen. This excellent blog shares recipe with ways to weight loss. The blog shares recipes for vegetarian diets, low-carb diets, and gluten-free recipes, along with a recipe index to find the perfect recipe for you.

With her own experiences, Kalyn’s Danny lost 40 pounds with the south beach diet. That encouraged and let her ask herself why not share the same recipes to help people with weight loss, and that’s where Kalyn’s kitchen started.

Revenue Generation

It also has different revenue-generating ways like advertising, affiliate marketing, consulting, etc.

Smitten Kitchen 

Smitten’s Kitchen example of a food blog


Smitten kitchen is one of the best examples of a successful blog. It s starts with a small kitchen cooking but is raised to a huge level with success. It is one of the popular oldest blogs that started 12 years.

Deb Perelman is the driving head behind this beautiful blog. She shares recipes in different categories and offers many services too, along with sharing recipes like videos, events, newsletters, etc.

Revenue generation

It has several multiple ways to generate revenue. They are advertisements, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, store, newsletters, events, e-books, etc.

Balanced Bites 

Balanced bites example of a food blog


Diane Sanfilippo started by delivering balanced meals, healthy salads, boiled eggs, spring rolls, etc. Later she started this food blog. Her wonderful motive and work made it successful. She writes about healthy balanced diets for different categories. 

Revenue Generation

The main revenue generation is from the store, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, etc.

Closet Cooking  

Closet cooking example of a food blog


Kevin is the ultimate motive behind running the closet cooking. It all started by being bored with regular dishes. Kevin started experimenting with new recipes, and he started loving them. 

Gradually he fell in love with cooking and was motivated to start a food blog. Now the blog closet cooking is super successful in generating high-level income with fans.

Revenue generation

Closet cooking has revenue-generating methods from selling cookbooks, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and advertisements.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Food Blog

There are some things you must make the right tick before starting a food blog. 

Love for food and cooking

You can start a food blog without a passion for food and cooking, but you can’t drag it for many months. You will be a story, just like many people. Jumping with enthusiasm and keeping an end after a few months in the journey,

You should have a love for food and cooking. 

Ability to create new recipes

The honest fact is that you should be able to create new recipes. Then only you can survive. Otherwise, it’s tough to cut the competition.

There are two things you must keep in your mind. They are 

  • Creating new recipes with the same ingredients
  • High-quality writing with high-quality images 

These two things are sufficient to help you make money. 

Knowing basic cooking skills and instruments

Cooking is an art. Whenever you are maintaining a cooking blog, don’t feel that the skills and experience you have had till now are sufficient. It’y not true. 

You need to appear like a professional. So learn cooking skills, kitchen skills, cleaning skills, cutting skills, etc. 

Small tip: We suggest you go for a course on cooking on a food blog before starting. 

These three things are necessary before starting a food blog.

How to Start a Food Blog in 2023

Here are five simple steps to start a food blog in 2023 and make money. 

Step 1: Choose a Blog Name

Once you choose a blog name, it should be with you for years. It’s not a good idea to change in the middle. So select a good blog name. 

Like you can keep,, etc. Take your own time but come up with a good name that makes people remember your name.

  • Come up with a unique name.
  • Be it simple and catchy. 
  • It should be simple and rememberable.
  • Make it short
  • Avoid numbers 
  • Keep relevant
  • Try to keep the word food or kitchen

When you are searching about the domain, you will remember expired domains. As they are ideal to choose for any kind of blogging. If you are listening to expired domains for the first time, do not worry. Learn here about it completely: How to find expired domains with backlinks.

Step 2: Decide the Hosting.

Good hosting saves you from Google and maintains a good rating from visitors. 

If your web hosting is reliable enough, users might face issues with the loading speed and wait time.

Look for the following points. 

  • Read the reviews before
  • Decide your blog visitors’ estimation and content bandwidth 
  • Decide your budget and choose a plan accordingly
  • Make sure there should be a customer and technical support to respond to and resolve your problems. 
  • Good uptime and loading speed.
  • Check the features that you are looking for
  • Avoid the plan which has features that are optional to you.
  • Remember, you can upgrade plans.
  • If you are a complete beginner, choose a basic plan.
  • Understand the panel and features well before purchasing.

It is a tricky and time taking process to select hosting for your blog. You need to know step by step process of How to choose a hosting blog for your blogging. Otherwise, it could create a lot of problems and complexities with improper hosting. 

Step 3: Selecting a Theme

The theme speaks a lot about your site. You need to be very careful and attentive in selecting a theme. 

Check the following points before purchasing a theme

  • Don’t ever go for a free theme. Try avoiding it to the maximum extent. If you still don’t have any option other than that, then go for it.
  • Select the theme according to the concept food blog
  • Make sure the theme should be highly responsive
  • Check whether it’s SEO-friendly or not.
  • Make sure the theme offers updates.

Step 4: Content Design

Yes, you need to design the content before writing content. Do not write the first blog post instantly after creating the site. You need to design your content and write 10 articles first before diving in completely.

Make the following points before writing. 

  • Research how the competitors have performed.
  • Understand and note down the segments and divisions you want to keep.
  • Create a design flow about what you have to write, the recipes, and the work you must cover in the upcoming days.
  • Revise your concepts on SEO
  • Also, I designed the flow chart for writing a blog post.

Step 5: Start Food Blogging 

Once you have designed a good flow and rough analysis, start blogging. Create unique content and own pictures. Do not copy from Google. Create on your own and take from your own phone or camera.

Avoid plagiarism, and don’t copy content. Don’t go for the same bland recipes. Create your new recipes. If you can’t, try to alter the recipe and bring something new.

Top 6 Popular Ways of Revenue Generation through Food Blogs

Here are the top 6 popular revenue generation ways for good blogs. You can notice and learn how many ways you can earn too.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a simple task for you. When making a good recipe next time, try counting what the products you have used are and what ingredients you added. If you ever made a count, you can actually find many.

You can find many things, from knives, gloves, bowls, stoves, powders, vegetables, and flavors. When your food blog has become popular, affiliate marketing has multiple ways to enter. 

You can sponsor and promote their products or ingredients or courses etc. 


Just like videos of cooking, e-books are viral. You can produce your e-books and start selling them on your blog.

Ebooks should be at a fair price and should be with high-quality images. For every successful blog, you can notice the sale of e-books in their blog. It includes not only the recipes, but also the cooking guides, ingredient guides, tools, etc. 


The oldest recipe which still has its essence is advertising. You can apply to various advertising platforms. If you don’t want to depend on google Adsense, you can try many other alternatives of Adsense.

Running AdSense also generates a decent amount through blogging.


Cooking is popular for beginners, professionals, hotel management course students, etc. A course is attractive if you look professional in cooking and explaining things to people.

You can create your own course and details. You can add a payment page within your blog. You can make good revenue with courses once your blog content is professional and friendly. 

I recently heard about a person named Jayedra, a baking mentor who purchased a BMW car from her baking courses revenue. The most interesting thing is she’s not running any office or a team. Just started as an individual and achieved huge success with her cooking stories.

Courses have that much power. Once your course starts getting positive comments, you can’t stop people from registering for your course. 

Sponsorships and Collaborations 

You don’t need to own or manufacture a product. But you still own some profit percentage. You just need to show and advertise the products. This occurs when you collaborate with any brand.

When you run a successful blog, you can easily get a list of emails from different companies and services to collaborate with you. This is the easiest way to generate revenue without working a lot.  

But the thing is, it’s hard to reach that stage of collaborations and sponsorships. 


You would suggest many products in between cooking and writing content. You can maintain a good store. In that, you can offer your products and your handmade ingredients.

Store for food blogs is very profitable because the ingredients can be made at home. For example, you can create your flavor by mixing other flavors for a recipe. You will write a recipe on that and add the link to buy the flavor box.

You can also sell kitchen essentials and equipment used in cooking and cleaning. You can also sell gifts too in the store related to cooking or food.


  1. How much do small food blogs make?

The beginner blogs and small food blogs make around 500 dollars. With continuous effort and work, it can rise to $1000 plus within a short period once it’s successful.

  1. Is food blogging easy?

Many people assume that it is just writing about cooking and writing. But it’s not such an easy task always. It will be so fun and enthusiastic if you love cooking and like writing posts on blogs. 

It will be a hard journey if you write the same old recipes and content, especially in a boring way and also when you can’t maintain consistency. Otherwise, it’s a fun and happy process for many people.


This is the complete guide on how to start a food blog. We have included all the steps on how to start a food blog. 

Along with that, we have also mentioned brainstorming ideas to make your food blog popular, ways of making money, the top food blogs to inspire you, and the pro tips to help you.

I hope you loved our content and recharged enough to start your food blog quickly. Happy blogging journey with your food blog.

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