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How to Choose a Writer for Blogging – The Most Awaited Guide

Choosing a writer for blogging is not only a heavy task but also a critical task. As there will be a lengthy process, and should be careful in performing every step. The content writer you choose will be working for a long period.

You need to check many constraints before choosing a content writer. So here is the guide for you with simple steps and the qualities you must check. Read from beginning to end to find the best content writer within in specified range.

5 Must possess Qualities to Check for in Choosing a Writer for Blogging

Content writing is something that appears easy but actually a pretty comprehensive and creative task. Before choosing a person and handing over your site and responsibilities, you must check many things.

Here are the five crucial must-check qualities in choosing a writer for blogging. Make sure you tick them one by one for your writer.

1. Experience in the Same Field 

Hiring a content writer with experience in the same field is always advisable. Whatever the field you would be working with, like arts, science, food, technology, etc, you should hire someone with some experience in that field. 

You can teach them how you are visualizing and your plans to develop further. But you need an experienced one in that field to receive the contribution of their ideas. 

For example, you might have a blog with a niche of writing about technology blog. You should always hire those who have experience, at least at the internship level. They can understand the terminology better than the generalized content writer.

When you hire an experienced one in that field, they also know the competitors and how to improve further.

Having previous writing experience is a positive sign of a writer to get hired. You can get 80% efficiency in your writing output. But having writing experience with same niche, you will get 100% satisfaction from a writer. But you need to find them with effort. - AJK
Experience checking in choosing a writer for blogging

2. Quality Writing 

There are thousands of writers available in the marketplace. But only a few percent of the available writers produce quality writing. They don’t write much more than required or don’t exaggerate things; they write to the point. 

Quality writing also includes finding the content and adjusting the tone according to the content and audience. Quality content writers have specific goals and aspirations before starting an article. 

You can find many blogs for a single niche in the blogging field. There is actually a tough race going on in the blogging journey. So quality work means a lot. Even if the content writer charges a bit more, you can hire them if you can afford it because they can return your investment.

A quality content writer will not just write the blog posts for your blog. But also will help you in improving your blog much further every time.

Here are some factors of quality writing

  1. Accuracy of writing: Accuracy of writing is the most important factor. If your blog is not about fun or entertainment, you must be careful about the accuracy of your writing. A piece of wrong information can destroy the trust on your blog. Sometimes, it can take the lives of people. So, be careful at the time of judging writing. Accuracy of writing also includes avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes and using proper punctuation.
  2. The tone of writing: The tone of writing is another important factor that you should consider at the time of judging writing. Writers should understand the target audience and make their writing tone according to them. The formal audience can be bored if they read writing with full of unnecessary words. Again, you need to avoid bookish writing for baby blogs or food blogs. A writer should have creativity and engagement capability. Thus, you can reduce the bounce rate of your blog.
  3. Presentation skill of writing: A good piece of writing is a good presentation of ideas. Writers need to know what to write as well as how to present them in the right way.
Quality checking in choosing a writer for blogging

3. The Content Writer’s Interest

The content writers in the online portals mention many niches to work with. We can find more generalized writers. They agree to work with blogs on any kind of niche. But the thing they might be or might not be interested in is that.

If you hire a content writer for your blogging who is not interested in the niche you work for, they can’t produce the best work. They would always look to finish the work as early as possible. 

So try to determine whether the content writer is interested in that niche. 

From my experience, I can say a good writer is not good in all niches. I have a lot of experience in writing such as B2B writing, technical writng, business writing, and money making blog. But I don't feel interested to write food blog as I feel uncomfortable in cooking. 

4. Search Engine Optimization Knowledge

If you target search engines as your major traffic sources of your blog, you must focus on SEO. Every content writer must know even medium-level SEO knowledge. Even if the content is excellent and the best but so poor in terms of SEO, then it would not make much sense. 

But all the SEO rules present are equally important as the writing style, flow, etc. SEO helps in reaching the target audience and helps in ranking better. SEO takes the beauty of content writing to the next level

Hence make sure the writer you choose for your blogging should be good at SEO practices like keyword research, internal linking, external linking and others. Otherwise, it wouldn’t fetch you greater results, especially in the world of blogging.

search engine optimization knowledge

5. Good Profile

A good profile speaks a lot. Especially for content writers, If they can be able to present themselves better, they can be able to present the content too better. A good profile means they know well what to include, what to exclude, and how to make it connected and realistic. 

Look for a good profile with good experience and internships if they completed any courses. Refer to the feedback given by the previous clients. The overlook of the profile should be good enough overall.

Good profile to check in choosing a writer for blogging

5 Steps for How to Choose a Writer for Blogging 

Here are the five simple steps for choosing a blog writer. Follow them one by one and find the perfect writer for your blog.

5 steps on How to choose a writer for blogging

1. Fix the Price Range 

Not for this particular field or task, whatever it’s, you need to decide the budget first. Because this is the thing where you can filter so many people. Decide the maximum you can go for and the minimum you want to afford.

Try to find the writer where in that range only. In any case, if you can’t find any quality writer in that budget, then you need to invest some extra. But be careful because there is no doubt that there is no scarcity of writers on any platform.

But there is a scarcity of quality and efficient writers. So try your best to get the best content writer with your budget who would like a kind of investment. 

My first project is genrating more than 1,000 dollar per month. About 50% budget goes on creating quality writing. So, you need to set good amount of budget for your writing. Then, you can hire good writers. 

2. Analyze the Profile

The immediate thing you need to do is to perform a proper analysis of the writers whom you shortlisted within your budget. Read the cover letter and try to understand how honest the person is. 

Go through all the work experience they had. Find out how much relevant it’s to your current blog, and sort again who doesn’t have any work experience in your field. Because they take time to understand your things. 

When you are investing means, it will be better for you to go for the professionals or familiar people in your subject. Notice how many projects they have completed and the reviews they had till then. Here you can sort out many people from the list.

3. Assign a Task 

Though there is a work experience in your field, it’s always advisable to assign a separate task with the requirements you are looking for. As you are looking for a blog writer, the task is for a long time, and the expectations are also high to fetch back good results. 

So design a good task according to the kind of blog and concepts you want to deal with. Assign the task to the sorted candidates and let them perform within a limited time limit. See and check who is performing according to your expectations and sort them out to the next step.

4. Plan for a Discussion

Though writing won’t require any discussion later, discussing it before starting the project is advised. There is one important thing that you need to check with the candidate. It’s the willingness to bring out the best in them and be open to learning more.

Even if you can find the best writer for your project, they should be willing and open to taking up more challenges and willing to learn and implement more. So having a discussion can make you understand that. Also, you can negotiate on the price. 

As you are hiring for a long-term project, you can quickly negotiate and convince them of a good price. In this process, you can shortlist your final candidate.

5. Explaining Terms and Handing Over

Explain your project clearly to the writer. First, you need to explain what you expect from the project. Then understand the time period for the plan. Provide the keyword sheet to them with the perfect plan.

Make them understand the requirements and the audience whom you are targeting. Give them complete information, and you can proceed further. 

These are the five steps on how to choose a writer for blogging. The sites like Upwork and Fiverr will provide you with high-quality writers. But we recommend you follow all these steps for every platform to find the best writer.


What are some good platforms for choosing a writer for blogging?

There are so many wonderful platforms to find a writer for blogging. Here is the top 5 list to find.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. LinkedIn
  4. FlexJobs
  5. Problogger

How much experience to look for in a writer for blogging?

You definitely need to look for the experience of the writer before hiring. Without experience, you should never proceed if they promise or can produce better. Content writers for blogging should have a year at least to provide the best services. 

The more experience the writer has, the better it can be. A good suggestion is, along with one year of experience, to search for quality writing. Any good quality writing with at least one year of experience is good enough.


This is all about how to choose a writer for blogging. We included the top 5 qualities that you need to check in any writer before hiring. We gave step by step process on how to choose a writer for blogging. 

Follow the same steps we provided; you can definitely find a good blog writer. We included possible queries and solutions to them. Make sure you feel like an investment in choosing a content writer.  

We, the agent writing team, into this field for years. From individual to large-scale projects, our diversified and experienced team can handle anything and will provide you with the best. Give us a quick quote now.

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