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Best Plagiarism Checker Tool

6 Best Plagiarism Checker 2023 | All Tested

Whether you are a content writer, editor, or content marketer, you must know about plagiarism tools. If you are a freelance writer, you may have seen lots of job posts about writing where clients want 100% unique writing.  Plagiarism is a way of taking other writing and claiming it as one’s own writing.  What is … Read more

How to find expired domains

How to Find Expired Domains – The Complete Guide With Benefits & Tips to Buy

The benefits of getting backlinks, driving traffic from a domain, and avoiding the time and money required to build a high authority domain make people search for how to find expired domains.  If you are among them, you are in the right place. In this complete guide, you can find the benefits of using an … Read more

What’s copywriting

What is Copywriting? – The Guide to Becoming a Professional Copywriter

Did you know that a copywriter’s salary in the United States for a reputable organization is more than $100000 per year?  Surprising right? It’s true because copywriting has potential. Copywriting is a crucial task required in any company to increase its sales. Copywriting profession has a high-growth career with good pay. So If you want … Read more

What is Content Writing

Taking You to the Next Step with Golden Essentials on What is Content Writing

During the covid time, people started finding online jobs as they realized that you should not rely only on your regular job. When people start searching on the internet about how to make money online, content writing will be one of the top choices.  In recent times, content writing is emerging as full-time work with … Read more

Content Writing Services

Top 10 Content Writing Services in 2023

Content writing services continue to multiply in response to the ever-increasing demand for quality articles. Editing and writing services are readily available online. However, selecting the best business partner from the abundance of possibilities may be challenging. It’s all about the content. Website content is essential for several reasons, including informing visitors, keeping the site … Read more

How To Do A Content Audit Guide

How To Do A Content Audit Guide | 5 Steps To Outrank Your Competitors

Introduction When was the last time you conducted a comprehensive inventory and evaluation of your content? Conducting a content audit is modifying your old content to rank them on search engines, and it can take an enormous amount of time. So, how to do a content audit? If you are new to content auditing, our “How … Read more

B2B Blog writing process

B2B Blog Writing [8 Killer Tips in 2022]

Introduction  Most marketers are now emphasizing more on good quality content creation for B2B marketing. But before you start your journey, you must know the route that will guide you to reach the destination. That’s why understanding the ins and outs of B2B blog writing is highly important.  Why is B2B blog writing important? Well, … Read more

Know the tricks of how to write SEO articles

How To Write SEO Articles – A to Z Guide in 2022 

‘How to write SEO articles?‘ As a writing agency, it’s our job to write SEO articles. So, why not share our experiences so you can implement those to your writing strategy? Distributing knowledge never causes pain. Instead, that is divine satisfaction. So, let’s jump straight into the topic. Before diving into the topic, let’s show … Read more