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What is Email Copywriting – Examples and Strategies That Convert

Do you know that the average annual pay of an email copywriter is around $625000 per year? Shocking right? But it is a fact. Email copywriters are one of the highest-paid people in copywriting segment. 

Looking to understand what is Email copywriting? Looking for references and examples to know how to write?

No issues. You are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about what is email copywriting, examples to inspire you, and strategies that you can try for success.

What is Email Copywriting? 

Email Copywriting is writing content for sending through emails to convert them to action. It’s about writing impressive content or calling the action for conversion. Email copywriting comes under a form and sub-niche of copywriting

An email copywriter writes some information to develop a relationship, introduce business, or let them take quick action.

For example, you are running a lifestyle blog and gaining some subscribers. You gathered some emails. Whenever you write a new post, you will send an email about your latest blog post and link.

You will not reveal your entire blog post there. You just attract and drive your subscribers to open your mail, click on the link, and read your blog post.

If you are interested in starting a blog and looking to make money from it, here is a wonderful reference: How to make money blogging.

What is Cold Email Copywriting? 

Cold Emails are written for people with no prior contact between you and them. Writing to develop a relationship, starting a new business with them, for a proposal or conversions. 

Cold email marketing is a popular technique to reach more people and get familiar with your product. So cold email copywriting is about writing an email for people who don’t know you or your businesses. 

For example, you have developed a tool like Grammarly for rectifying mistakes. You gathered some emails from people who are interested in sites for Grammar checks. They haven’t visited your site earlier and don’t know about your tool much.

So cold email copywriting is writing emails to those interested people to introduce your product. It is about writing to let them open and view your product and purchase.

Subject Line Tips that Definitely Make Subscribers Open Your Mails

The job we need to do is conversions. To achieve that, the client should read our mail first. This challenging task can be accomplished easily with these tips. A good subject line enables the viewers to continue clicking it.

A poor subject line throws the mail to the spam by the subscriber. So check these tips to let the subscribers open your emails.

Avoid Direct Sales

Never approach for an immediate sale in the subject line. This is the most significant mistake that people make several times. Don’t write a subject that’s solely for sales and marketing. 

Especially the frequent sale subject lines make the users lose interest in that product. 

I never purchased or not even opened the mail from clothing stores or products with tags of one plus one free or mega sale or sale ends in. Because I get them every day. Also, I know they don’t provide any specific information. So I don’t open them much.

Probably this happens to you too. Remember, the purpose of the subject line is solely contributed to let the subscriber open and read.

Writing Solutions Relevant to Severe Problems.

When you talk about the problems the subscriber might face, whether they purchase your product or not, there is a massive chance that the subscriber opens your mail and reads your content. 

You need to write the subject line by stating your promise or paths of solutions to their problems. The following are examples.

  • How to survive a heart attack
  • How to survive when you are running out of a job
  • How to manage your time efficiently with these tips
  • How to resolve your migraine instantly
  • How to make money online with these proven methods.

Drawing Attention by Talking About the Negative.

We all are scared of negativity so much. And we all almost try to avoid negative things, especially when it’s sure and more focused. As followed by “ Prevention is better than cure. “ The attention is more when you talk about negativity and possible problems.

But you must learn to catch that point and write a subject line. The examples of catching attention by using negativity are shown below.

  • The biggest mistakes most investor makes in the early days
  • Avoid making these biggest mistakes to double your revenue
  • These most significant makes are halting your growth
  • Never make these serious mistakes in improving your blog.

Using High-Quality Pictures or Banners

A good-quality picture is equivalent to a thousand words. Sometimes a single image is enough to tell the audience what you are talking about and its significance. Images play a role when people don’t have sufficient interest or time to read your email. 

So you need to make high-quality images according to the target audience. 

Use the Power Words.

When we see “ these secrets which no one tells you, these secrets are essential for your growth. These secrets will fix your problems immediately; Our eyes will brighten up better. 

Because we all are curious to know about learning things that are very important and known by only a few people. The word “ secret” has enormous power. Similarly, other power words like award-winning beat the rap, Dynamite, In demand, necessary, jaw-dropping, etc.

Examples of using the power words are

  • The real secret to crypto investment success
  • The jaw-dropping techniques to increase visitors to your blog
  • The courses which are in demand courses that you must finish
  • The real secret tips to enhance your health and growth
  • This mind blogging advice is enough to survive in any financial crisis.
  1. Giving the Impression of Saving Time and Effort

Let me start with an example. Assuming you are looking to increase website traffic, one option everyone knows is to complete a course on SEO or read some articles on increasing traffic.  

But you opened youtube, and you looked at the thumbnail that shows “ Increase your website traffic within 24 hours with these strategies” what will you do?

You will open and watch the video, read for hours or complete a month-long course. Because that’s human nature to go for the quickest ways and take less effort ways. So you need to keep the headline by thinking about it. The following are some examples.

  •  The quickest way to boost your traffic organically.
  •  Effortlessly create your designs with these simple steps.
  • The effortless ways to earn online with these apps.
  • The simplest methods to make you rich day by day.
  • The fastest ways to make your first $1000.
  • The shortcuts to remember and improve your English vocabulary within a month.
Time and effort reduction strategy


Important note: You should write your headline most promisingly with your solutions but don’t exaggerate. Don’t be overly promising, inaccurate, and impossible ways. That loses your credit and the trust of your prospects. Write only believable things.

These are the six crucial strategies you must remember and apply while writing a subject line.

What are the Convertible Best Practices of Email Copywriting? 

Now you understand what is email copywriting and how to write a subject line. It’s time to know about the best convertible practices of Email copywriting.

Do you know what an open email rate is? And what is the average percentage of available rates? 

Let me tell you, first of all, an email is considered open, not just when it’s opened. It is when you open the mail, see the images, read the content and click on some links. Look at the picture below.

Email open rate ( 2006 - 2020)


As you can see, the average email open rate is decreasing yearly. So how to get the emails opened, read and click on links? 

Here are some top 10 strategies that you must follow to convert.

A Great Subject Line

Any reader subscribes to your business or organization for two reasons. Ninety percent of email subscribers are interested in that kind of topic. But there are two categories here.

  1. One who looks for your updates 
  2. One who doesn’t look for your updates.

But there if there is something to catch the attention of any kind of reader is subject. An interesting subject line can make everyone open the mail and read at least. 

For example, if you are a copywriter and working in an academic business like a coaching center for GMAT. The people who subscribed to your emails are primarily interested in GMAT. So you have written an article on essential concepts to revise.

Now it’s time to distribute through emails. You should write a catchy headline first. You should write subject lines like “ topics you must revise before your GMAT exam”.

2. Just a Glance at the Topic

Have you ever read a mail thoroughly? Do you remember if there are any? For me, it’s not even beyond 10. It’s probably true for most of the subscribed people. Unless the mail is from our boss, we don’t read it till the end.

Even there are chances like if you have written a large email, people will close it straightway.

So keep it short and straightforward, not lengthy.

  • Don’t explain a single point multiple times. Keep it straight to point
  • No examples
  • No lengthy sentences. 
  • It shouldn’t have many paragraphs. 
  • Be straight and relevant

3. Don’t Write Solely for Marketing.

Many times, readers won’t open or read your mail if you keep promoting your product. Instead, give a touch of information about their product by stating the problem and how your product can solve that problem.

When you keep writing for marketing purposes only, you will end up with readers, not even opening your mail. 

4. Give Your Links for Direct Action.

Don’t expect the readers to come back to visit your site after reading your content. It’s not possible. While writing email copywriting, you should insert links within the context and words. 

If there are any registration links, give them in the middle of your content or at the end. Don’t add links to other information separately. Try including the links in the mail that are too important. Don’t exceed the threshold. 

5. Attention Grabbing and Relevant First Two Lines 

When the subscribers are reading your mail. The first two lines are very prominent. Because that determines and fixes the reader’s mind whether to continue reading. So keep the first two lines relevant; otherwise, they might not be interested.

And then try to keep it attractive and creative by showing data or asking personal questions or taking light on problems they face etc. 

6. Adding Relevant Information Only

This is an essential rule to convert. You shouldn’t add anything other than relevant. Add only necessary information that relates to the problem and product only. Unnecessary or irrelevant content drags the viewer’s energy and makes them close the mail.

Make it relevant as much as possible. Also, keep it natural. Don’t go for more extravagance. 

7. Creating Urgency

Creating a hurry among the viewers or readers is a beautiful tool for conversion. But be ready with your unique strategies. Don’t let the people feel like the emergency is a trap and regular.

Craft and think of your strategies with proof to motivate the people to take action. For example, if you have posted an offer valid only for the first ten buyers, print the names of the 6 or 7 people who purchased. 

Then creates a timer box for ending the sale. It creates trust and pushes the viewers to go for it. 

8. Realistic and Self-Stories

When you write content showing how to achieve things, people will be less bothered. Because they might know it already or don’t have enough enthusiasm to start. But when they read “ this is how I achieved this “ and “ this is how I made my journey”, people will be interested.

It’s not wrong to get personally and emotionally connected to people. You just need to maintain professionalism too. But make sure you connect with them, relate to them, and make everything look more natural than artificial announcements. 

9. Avoid Mistakes

It might take years to form a good impression, but it can hardly take seconds for a bad impression with just one error. Remember, the reputation, and the weight falls not only on copywriters but also on the whole company.

Make sure you edit everything, re-read, and bring the best version without any plagiarism or errors and with good accuracy.

Mistakes check tools for email copywriting

10. Sending at the Right Time

From the previous data and online research, analyze who your readers are, what their timings are, and what is the perfect time to send the mail. 

Most of the time, it’s useless if you can’t send the mail at the perfect time. So decide well which is the ideal time to send the emails. If there is any necessity, break the people into groups and then send them according to the best time.

Email copywriting examples / Email copywriting templates 

Here are some excellent examples and templates for you on email copywriting.


Semrush Email Copywriting Example


Nursery Live

nurserylive Email Copywriting Example 



Canva Email Copywriting Example


Fiverr Email Copywriting Example

  1. Grammarly
Grammarly Email Copywriting Example


Coursera Email Copywriting Example

  1. Buzzsumo
Buzzsumo Email Copywriting Example



How Do I get clients for Email Copywriting?

The initial days can be more struggling for email copywriters because it’s a responsible job and has more impact on conversion. Here are there main ways to reach clients for email copywriting.

Applying Through Online Platforms

The first is to apply through online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr,, etc. Apart from that, the companies also post jobs for email copywriting online on a long-term basis. You can find a lot of opportunities on Linkedin.

Writing Description in Your Profile

 There is no best thing as self-promoting to get freelance writing jobs. Write about yourself on your social media, write about your previous works, and give links to show your work. The algorithm often recommends you to recruiters if you have a good profile.

Description of Your Blogs

If you are maintaining any blog or site. Give them an offer to ping you for email copywriting work. Tell the people you are open to discussing for work and provide your email address for your business proposals.

Cold Email Writing 

It’s not weird, but it is one of the best ways to grab attention. Write emails to the leads or emails you find on the websites where you want to work. If you let them open and read your mail, you will have work chances.

Try mailing multiple people and asking them politely by showing your previous best works.

Network and Referrals

In the freelancing journey, you can’t have 365 days of projects in the early days. But networking with other freelancers will reduce your dry days. Maintain an excellent large community and ask them for work.

If you have any prior experience, ask them for a referral. Also, ask them for any projects in their network.


  1. Is Email Copywriting Hard?

It’s not like email copywriting is complex and challenging to achieve. It’s a different kind of copywriting. It’s a difficult task nowadays as the open rate fluctuates.

 Understand first what’s email copywriting better, and practice strategies. With rigorous practice and skills, you can be a good email copywriter.

Email copywriting can be hard when you don’t follow the rules. When you don’t know the strategies and points, you should remember them before writing; it can be more challenging.

  1. What is the Difference Between Email Marketing and Email Copywriting?

Email marketing and email copywriting are two different tasks and are not related to each other. Email marketing is about collecting emails by convincing and attracting channel visitors. 

Email copywriting is about the content and the subject written in the email marketing to convert or for action. The purpose of email marketing is to collect emails, and the purpose of email copywriting is conversion.

  1. What are the Skills Required to Start Email Copywriting?

Here are some skills that you must have to start email copywriting.

  1. Persuasive skills
  2. Creativity 
  3. Analyzing skills 
  4. Accuracy
  5. Storytelling 
  6. Strategy development
  7. Research skills 
  8. Attention driving skills 


This is all about what is email copywriting. We tried our best not only to make you understand but also to give you the best examples for your reference, strategies, tips, notes, and answers to popular questions too.

I hope you now have enough knowledge and grip for email copywriting. But there should be rigorous exercise and practice to reach a good conversion rate. Contact us and view our services to receive a quick conversion and immediate results with email copywriting.

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