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Freelance Writing Jobs – A Guide to Recieve your 1st Project and Many After

Are you exhausted with applying to projects and writing work? Have you dreamt of diversifying your income sources and not being able to fulfill them? Are you tired of submitting your work everywhere and not being answer get any response?

Let me tell you one thing first, relax. 

You didn’t get any solution, and you are not getting enough projects, not because you on solid enough talent. The main reason you haven’t followed the right. 

Worrying? Not anymore. We will hold your hand and help you in applying projects and how to become successful and get many more.

How to Prepare Yourself First?

Imagine yourself in the place of a recruiter. You have $100 with 20 applications. All are willing to work for the same payment. Who would you choose? Won’t you go for the best ones?

The same thing happens here. The recruiters go for the best ones. But if that’s always true, how do people entering for the first time into this field get their projects? 

The answer is by attracting. You must attract recruiters with a good profile, cover letter, and many more. Not an easy job right to overcome the experienced ones and to get projects. But I will tell you how to do it.

1. Keep on adding Kerosene or Fuel to your Writing.

The most important fact is that if you skip this part and keep stressing other elements like applying and improving your bio, you wouldn’t understand where you are lacking later. You would come to the place here.

So We recommend everyone to improve their writing skills. Keep on practicing. This is also a skill that requires a certain time and effort. Here is a great reference to understand How to write a blog post in 2022.

  • Work on writing professionally and creatively.
  • Practice different topics 
  • Write consistently. Learn editing yourself and try to bring the best part. 
  • Working on Grammar, structures, tone, flow, and writing styles. 
  • Write with enthusiasm and passion for writing. Trust me. It gives a better glow.
  • Always try to learn SEO and apply them while writing.

2. Creating the finest Work

Even if you send an application 100 times, it will be rejected if your sample work is not good enough. 

Take your time a day or a week but prepare the best sample work of yourself to show your talent. You will get a chance of around 5 minutes to impress yourself. Try attaching the best work.

Mention yourself in the cover letter about the work you have attached. Even so, write politely and attractively.

A bad example is “ Kindly look at the work I have attached “ 

It should be like, “ I’m definitely a good fit for this wonderful opportunity, and I attached my previous work to support this. Kindly check”

Plain and Normal never work here, and in the same way, only politeness and humbleness work.

Talking about SEO, the heart of modern writing here is a great reference to an article by our expert. Look for a deep, clear understanding: How to write SEO articles

3. Developing an Amazing Bio

I have heard this joke several times in movies. 

A middle-aged man is selling some lemons. He’s been in the market since morning. He sat around and kept on shouting. But no one is buying. A small boy came and asked for some lemons for a dollar.

As the man tired, he offered some extra too. The boy took them happily. Surprisingly he started shouting to sell the lemons.

But instead of lemons here, he shouted like fresh, tasty lemons bigger. Few people came and bought everything. The man was surprised. 

Again the boy bought some lemons from the man. Now he started chatting with people and expressing that they are fresh, good for lemonade in the hot sun, organic, and many more. Again he sold everything.

This process continued, and finally, the boy sold every lemon.

What do you think now? Have you understood something? 

A Bio is something that has to be an immensely amazing one. So how to craft it?

Write your tagline in a creative, technical way.

Bad example of a Tagline: “ Experienced Content Writer “
Good Example of a Tagline: “ An SEO professional Technical & Creative Content Writer “
  • Highlighting your qualifications and experiences.
Bad example of expressing: “ I’m a fresher, and I have some experience in writing. I have completed this course ."

A good example of expressing: “ A passion and enthusiasm drive me to complete a course on SEO. My Qualifications for courses and a technical writing internship in AI led me to grab a wonderful opportunity and finish projects in Agent Writing ”.

These are the three essentials in your preparation. You are good enough at them. Now let’s learn and understand How to get Freelance Writing Jobs. 

How to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Applying through Platforms

The first trial you can do is through platforms. Using platforms is the most challenging job, to be honest. You need to cross a long line and should stand in the front. But what’s wrong with trying? If you can get some projects, it can make your journey smoother.

Several platforms accept applications without any fees. Sometimes it might make you feel like a scam if you didn’t get any project even though you applied to many. But actually, they are not.

Here is a list of beautiful sites you can try. 

  1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most valuable and lovable sites for freelance writing. The updated features of the site also include searching for work from a specific location, a specific type of project, and many more.

The best part is it reveals how many hires a client possesses, how much the client spends, and the feedback. The reason why it is more popular is not only because of the numerous opportunities over there but also more specific projects.

For example, if you are good at technical writing, your academic background also sounds good. You can find many projects in technical writing. If you are good at creative writing, you can find them.

There is no joining fee or application fee or anything. You can upgrade to premium, but it works fine even without compensation.

Here I am attaching a reference to understand the analysis on Upwork: Pros and Cons of Upwork.

Small tip: The first step is always hard, but once you attain a project and good feedback, rest, you need not look back. Keep trying.

  1. Pro Blogger 

Pro Blogger is a beautiful site. Because it is a place where great content is available and more jobs too.

It’s a clean, neat dashboard where you can find many incredible options with many freelancing job opportunities. 

You can also create a Candidate dashboard, which can be used to manage your applications.


This was established long back and also has good filters. See, we always recommend you go with the filter options to avoid looking at a particular book in the library without any specific sections.

You can find it according to the locations, skills, type of jobs, etc.

  1. Blogging pro

It is a very professional site with outstanding opportunities. What we observe in blogging pro is for most freelance writing jobs and others, there is a detailed description of the job.

You can also find various sections of opportunities for education purposes, problem-solving purposes, developing content purposes, etc.

Like every other platform mentioned here, a good amount can be earned.

These are some incredible opportunities available for free. You do not need to pay anything for entry or applications. If you want to go for the premium ones, you can go for them. 

Talking about online platforms to apply for freelance writing Jobs. Here is a link to find more platforms. Have a look at it, you can find it helpful:  19 best Freelance writing Sites.

If you want to invest here, you can go to some sites like Flexjobs, freelance writer den, etc. to go for a plan and start applying. 

  • The main advantage of these plans is that most are registered on those sites, and almost all are scam free. 
  • You can find good material, suggestions, tips, and templates to get your projects.
  • Free webinars to polish your skills.
  • Most of them also offer an allowance to cancel anytime.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another excellent platform where you can get writing jobs. The average price of writing is comparatively low in this platform.

It’s always hard to get the first job in any freelancing platform. But, when you can establish your writing service and have good feedback on your profile, you will get more work at a good price.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is another old platform where you will get lots of work including writing jobs. But it is tough to get jobs here. From my experience, I have tried several times in this platform but I failed to get a decent amount of work. But, there are many freelancers who are getting more jobs and earning a lot amount of money.

The User experience of this platform needs to be improved.

Small suggestion: We suggest all beginners try sites like Upwork first. After attaining a particular experience, still exhausted and confused, go for plans.

“ A penny saved is a penny earned,” Not against them. But why go for them, dear, when half of the world is succeeding with free platforms? 

2. Linkedin and other Groups

Linkedin is an excellent platform for many opportunities. The problem that can come here is experience people can overcome you. Of Course, everywhere it’s there. But here, the experience can maintain its dominance more.

Still, our Agenda is to help you get a project and succeed in freelance writing jobs. We won’t give up on you quickly. Our every post takes you an inch closer to success. It would be best if you should not give up too.

Keep on applying and fill forms. You can also follow leads and connect to people here. The opportunities are more. Give your best.

If you are shortlisted in the preliminary rounds, you can present yourself best in the interview rounds.  

**Best suggestion: If you are a professional or at the level of finishing some projects, we recommend you try Linkedin. As there are tremendous opportunities and referrals, work experience is of significant value.

Also, join Facebook groups, Instagram groups, and telegram channels to get updates and opportunities on Freelance writing jobs.

3. Directly Approaching Clients

Follow leads who are positioning writing jobs on Linkedin, Twitter, etc. If you have seen any job postings, try approaching them with your proposal and work. There are chances that they may hire you to avoid that long process of shortlisting if they like your work and attitude.

Two small points here

  • Never send direct messages on WhatsApp or Linkedin or whatever platform regarding whole information about seeking an opportunity
  • Instead, send them a mail consisting of a short message.

How to write that short message

  1. Keep in your mind that you should be polite, and humble. But should not be too serious.
  2. Don’t go straight. Yes, you should not write a deep discussion. But give a short creative, neat intro about yourself.
  3. Just like writing a bio, but this is more simplified. Talk about your courses, experiences, and accomplishments in a short way.
  4. Now highlight the points about why you are a good fit for the role. You can explain them clearly.
  5. Finally, write a conclusion note about their time, and patience to read and show your enthusiasm about their positive reply.
  6. Add relevant sample work and please try to provide any certifications or letters, or referrals if you have any from your previous client or popular people, or organizations and request them to check.
  7. You can also add your resume or CV and again request them to have a look.

Short tip: Again, just keep it short and sweet. Be polite and creative too. Persuade the client most smartly and wonderfully.

4. Directly approaching blogs and sites

I have often seen many blogs and sites, posting a requirement for a writer. They don’t directly post a chance on their blog or site. Instead, they write their requirement somewhere like at the end of their article or in the about pages, etc.

  • Even if you don’t find any requirements, it’s recommended to write a letter to the blog or site about your talent and your work experiences, and your enthusiasm to write more.
  • Again follow the above steps in writing a mail to them like keeping it short and sweet.

These are the steps for the preparation, how to apply and where to apply, how to approach, and many more. These steps are like golden essentials to your success. Patience is the key. 

Keep falling and rise again much higher.

Finally How to Maintain Success and Receive more projects in Freelance Writing Jobs

If you receive a few projects, even if you completed at least one, two, or three, you have crossed the hardest part. 

I heard a lot of complaints from freelancers that they have completed their first few projects and they were so happy about it. The story is not a happy journey. The constant villain is there is no response or no new projects.

Why? What to do in that situation?

Again, reader, the first thing to do in any situation in finding a solution is “ relax “. Follow these simple tips.

1. You are forgetting or neglecting feedback. Go and grab it immediately.

The most important thing after finishing your project or freelance writing job is. Take their feedback, which helps you in attaining your next project. 

2. Ask for Testimonials 

Popular sites and blogs keep testimonials from famous people. Because that helps in getting more success. Let’s copy it and run away. Sorry don’t run, stay there. But ask for testimonials, dear reader. Don’t hesitate, please.

3. Don’t just mention it, highlight it 

Don’t take a green highlighter and darken your highs. Poor joke..?? Don’t mind dear reader. Working on humor, I will improve.

But express your achievements, work experiences, and referrals in a creative, smart way.

The word smart scares me sometimes. For you too? 

Do you feel like me? I know work, hard work too, discipline, determination, dedicated work, etc. What is the smart way here?

Bad expression: I have worked as a prominent content writer in Agent writing. I contributed many articles on various concepts. A referral and feedback are attached, please have a look.

The good and smart way: Being a professional and creative content writer in a leading site “ Agent Writing “ on concepts of blogging, SEO, freelancing jobs, etc, led me to a great experience. Borrow me a few minutes and check my sample work, referral, and feedback, given by previous clients impressed by my work and attitude.

4. The most impressive Cover Letter

If you ask me, the most important aspect for any applicant is writing a cover letter. First, you should be in the interview line to get that project. To be in that line, you need to give them the most impressive cover letter.

This is actually a long deep process but will cut it short and brief dear reader. Just keep in mind these simple steps while writing.

  1. Initiate by Greeting and expressing your thankfulness for their opportunity.
  2. Then introduce yourself.
  3. Persuade and please them to a good level but refer to something for proof.

Bad expression: I’m the best one to choose for this role as I had many other experiences in the same field.

Good expression: Example: I can be a wonderful fit as I have a tick mark for all your requirements. I am enthusiastic to work with you as I previously worked in AI technical writing. Impressed and satisfied by my work, a feedback sheet is attached to gain your trust.

Small notice: Don’t write like I’m 100 percent fit or “ I’m the best choice ever” as it exaggerates. Also don’t write many sentences to express the same thing. Don’t persuade by asking for it.

  1. Highlight how you are better than the rest applicants like accomplishments, additional work, etc.
  2. Give them the outline of how you will work, how you know your best work, how you give feedback and present the best work etc.
  3. Short touch on soft skills too like expressing relevant soft skills like time management,  quality work, patience to research more, etc.
  4. Show your enthusiasm and the importance of having that opportunity.
  5. Express your confidence like there are possibilities that you will be selected. Again, don’t go for it straightly.
  6. Finish it off with a positive tone and enthusiasm, confidence to get their reply.
  7. Attach your best work and submit it, that’s it.

Additional tips: 

  • Never ever go for describing yourself too much and fill your pages. Just writing what you are and what you know in a good way. They know how to choose. 
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Don’t write quotations and irrelevant more as it leads to highlighting them not you.
  • Be polite always and positive. Don’t be negative anywhere.
  • If you ever come across any question related to your negatives, you can express but tell how you can overcome and rectify it.
  • Don’t express anywhere like please, please, please. Persuade but don’t beg.
  • Be straight in what you know, what you want, and how you will do it. But don’t be straight in some things like you should not say your profile is amazing and they will choose you.
  • Instead, you can express somewhere that I believe my profile satisfies you and that my attitude and work will impress you much more.

Important tip: Don’t send the same cover letter to everyone. Sometimes it’s a straight-away rejection. So do apply with a new one every time.

5. Explore and Apply for more

This is also a reason why you are not getting projects. The problem is you might be joining the same groups and applying like everyone.

  • Instead, follow and approach the leads with your proposal as mentioned above.
  • The problem also lies when you keep on sticking to the same platforms. Explore others too. In Fact, you can follow youtube for new updates and new job opportunities.
  • If you are still not getting projects, then it is good for you to go back. Apply for low-level projects and jobs. Gain some experience letters and feedback. Then try again for a new level.
  • Also don’t stick to your best skills and best areas of writing. I read somewhere “ It’s better to multiply your passions than working on the same thing for years”. Apply the same thing here.
  • Apply for multiple positions like editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, creative writing, technical writing, and many more.

Some additions things you must try

  1. Again the simple fundamental thing for freelancing jobs, keep polishing your writing skills.
  2. Learn SEO better.
  3. Developing your editing job better.
  4. Creating your own images.
  5. Promote your work better.

These are the things you need to cross-check and improve yourself if you are struggling with getting a project after completing one.

If you are patient enough and feel like nothing is working, one sincere piece of advice is to visit our site: Agentwriting. Read the basic articles and cross-check with your actions. It worked for many and will work for you too. 


  1. How much should a beginner writer charge per 1000 words?

As a beginner writer, you should charge between $5 to $15 depending on the complexity of the subject. In most cases, it is ideal to charge $10. That’s the base price almost everywhere.

With your work and experience, later you can slowly increase it to $15 and then to $20 and more. But a small suggestion is that a beginner should not charge more in the early stages. As it leads to the loss of projects.

2. What freelance writing pays the most?

As the payment depends on the complexity and duration of the project. With our experience and analysis, we are listing some freelance writing jobs that can pay you much to your expectations.

  1. Ebooks

Ebook is a long project that’s linked with lots of research, understanding, and the most efficient output, writing for ebooks will fetch you a good amount.

  1. writing for Companies

The company sites these days also include a blog or resources. That blog needs long lengthy informative articles. So you can work for them. It also can come under a long-duration project, you can earn a good amount.

  1. Case studies

As case studies include research and intense effort and focus, you need to work on a project for a long period. A good amount of knowledge is also required in producing case studies documents and hence you can fetch a decent amount.

  1. FAQ Guides

Generally, blog writing for companies includes writing about all the concepts related to it. But in FAQ guides, similar to product descriptions you need to produce high-quality questions and clear answers to them.

As FAQ guides help in better understanding the services and products, there are chances that the sales boost up with guides. So for quality FAQ guides, companies pay a good amount.

  1. Product descriptions or Reviews 

Product descriptions are also similar to the FAQ guides. But here you are not promoting services. You are writing about clear, cut information from A to Z on a product. You will write about reviews which include both positive and negative ones.

  1. Scriptwriting 

Scriptwriting has become so popular in recent months. With the rise in the passage of information through videos, there is a huge demand for scriptwriting for videos. Not only for youtube, but you can also go for script writing for company products and services.

These are the main six fields you can make more money and also undergo for a longer period. 

What skills do freelance writers need?

The prominent skill which everyone knows is better writing skills. Along with that, to enhance a career or to make more income these are the skills that you need.

  1. SEO at modern to advanced level
  2. Better research and knowledge on a wide range of topics
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Advanced grammar
  5. Accessibility and experience with writing tools and software.


Hope you felt overwhelmed and relieved by your problems in finding freelancing writing jobs. These are the steps that you can follow one by one and become a pro slowly by improving day by day.

We have added many tips, suggestions, and answers to almost all of your queries. If you still have any queries, our experts are friendly. Agent writing gives you a helping hand in all the toughest times. Feel free to reach out.


Einstein once said, “ Fool is the one who tries the same thing every day and expects different results”. We recommend you try all these steps, tips, and suggestions once. You can see the results yourself.

Al Jovayer Khandakar

Hey, I am Al Jovayer Khandakar. I am passionate about writing and my profession is also writing. I am a content writer and have gained a "Top Rated Plus " badge from Upwork. I have also a writing agency named "Agent Writing".

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