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Best AI Image Generator Tools 2023

The creative era is changing. Software is taking the place of the human mind. The creative power of AI tools mesmerizes us today. You can use them to get the best images for your blog or can just take inspiration from them. 

Right now, after ChatGPT came into life, AI Image Generators also created a good buzz in the creative field. But not all image generators are the same. Some of them are free, and most of them are paid. The output is not always the same either.

Either way, it’s a win-win for your creative endeavor. If you are looking for the best AI image generator tool, then I will guide you through the best ones in this blog. 

What is an AI Image Generator?

AI means Artificial Intelligence. AI image or art generator or text-to-image ai is such an image generator that can convert texts or images to an intended image. 

You can download images from many free image sites. But making an image with just an intention without any kind of technical knowledge about the software was not possible before the AI Image generator concept came into being.

If you want to transform a particular idea into a reality through mechanical interference, then you have to use an AI Image generator. It is really easy to use one. You just need to put your thoughts into texts, and the thoughts turn into illustrations.

Why should I use AI Image Generator?

This is very important for the new creative workers. The present situation in the AI Image generator Universe cannot be annouced to be perfect. Nor can they fit your imagination or what you may call intended. But still, they are worth a lot.


Because any creative person works on what we call “Inspiration”. 

Passion and Inspiration do not come from the void. You need to meditate or create a concept before turning a visualization into being. And that is where AI plays a lot.

AI image generators create an outline, a demo of a particular thought, it may be imperfect, it may be something absurd, but still, it is an initiation of your creativity coming into life. That’s where it plays the most vital role. If you are a lover and walker in the creative world, then you must try the AI image generators to give life to your most bizarre ideas. 

Here I am going to give some reasons why AI image generator is become so popular. 

Time and Cost saving: 

When we write a blog or do affiliate marketing, we need lots of images in our content. We need to use copyright-free images in them. But finding copyright-free images is quite challenging. 

Again, in creating images with products, performers, objects, and cameras, we need to invest time and money. If the object of the images is a person, then we need to pay a lot of money. AI image generator will save you time and money. 

Lots of Customization: 

AI image generator will give lots of customization availabilities. You will get what you need. You can customize image size, image type, image palette, and image effect. These customization options will help to meet your specific brand and industry. 

Quality of Images

It is hard to get high-quality images without a professional camera and an expert photographer. But the cost would be too high to maintain for a project. 

AI images do not disappoint in this case. You will get high-quality images for your projects. 

Which is the best AI Image generator?

Paid tools provide many options to customize and bring out the best of a particular text-to-image AI generator. Still, there are many problems in all the AI image generators available till now. That is why you need to understand which one you need from a good testing review.

The algorithm of the robotic image generators is not the same. You may find the same AI generating different illustrations for the same text command you have given. That is why I have compiled a list of the most popular and comparatively the best generators till today.

SerialAI Tool NameWhy We Like ItBest Features
1FotorBest Paid ToolDifferent StylesGood OutputGood Human Face
2Dream AIQuantity of StylesAverage OutputMany free output at a time not for Human Faces
3CraiyonBest Free ToolDetailed output any stylesMostly free
4Playground AIBest Human FigureFree ToolDownload at Different SizesGood Human Faces
5CanvaBest All OverMany many styles and and many options to choose from to to match the need
6DALL -E 2Best OutputMany many styles and and many options to choose from to match the need

1. Fotor – Best Paid Tool

Fotor is a great image editing and AI image generator tool online. You can create and edit according to your need. 

Features & Capabilities

  • Artistic styles: You can create a wide range of artistic styles such as pencil sketching, watercolor, oil painting, 3d, cartoon, cyberpunk or many more. With its powerful AI, you can create AI image, AI art, AI face, and AI photo effect. 
  • Edit images: AI tools are new in their product line, but they are also popular for other images related tasks. Its photo editing tool will help you to crop images, resize images, sharpen images, remove backgrounds, blur backgrounds, and many more things. It has more than 200+ photo editing tools online
  • Human Figure Generation: Texts about humans without defining a particular gender will produce an image of a female
  • High Res Download: The images are downloaded in high resolution; you can then use more tools to enhance the dimensions
  • Paid Tool: Paid tool provides more realistic images with 6 images at a time for one command

User interface & Ease-of-use

Fotor is really really popular among all of the AI image generators. You can make some of the most amazing digital NFT art with the options provided by this tool. Just put the intention as specifically constructed text in the text box, then press generate, and you will get the result soon.

Let’s ses how easy to generate an awsome image. 

Now, if you do not know what is NFT technology, then I would like to tell you a little about it.

NFT Technology

NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are related to digital currencies, and the arts generated through this technology hold the copyright to work for the creator. 

Fotor actually uses photo-to-photo AI technology as the main idea of Fotor was to work on photo editing. You can download the images and can even sell them in the marketplace.

There are many options available on the tool. You can define a particular way of constructing the image, like concept art, photography, anime illustration, 3D, oil painting, etc. Each of the styles has its own particular beauty. Skipping a particular style, you can command the AI to choose a random style for generating a particular image.

Not just the texts you can also create a digital image from your own portrait or the portrait of a loved one. If you like digital images, then there is no better option than fotor right now. The faces generated by this AI tool are marvelous and you can see them in our screenshots.

Fotor is the most useful AI Image Generator right now

Our Test

We have tried to generate a text-to-image ai with the command – writer from the future with futuristic tools. The AI-generated images were female ones. Compared to other AI tools, this is something more. As a gender-free command produces an image of females rather than males.

As a blogger, I have tested lots of things in this tool. It is not possible to give all here. You can test yourself to know the accuracy of creating your expected images. In my case, it has met 70% result. 

Test 01:  I have commanded a baseball player to hit a ball. Check the result. 

Results for A baseball player hitting a ball by Fotor

Fotor has generated two images. On the left side image, it is great, but I found two balls in one image that is not realistic. You can use this with some editing. On the right-side image, the position of the hitter is wrong. But the image quality is very high. 

Test 02: I have again commanded – fresh vegetables on the table. This generated the below image: 

Result for Fresh vegetables on the table by Fotor

I think we can use them in our blogs or any other marketing task. 


  • Very beautiful faces are generated; most of the other AI tools are facing problems with generating human faces.
  • Many styles provide many options to choose from
  • Different options can be selected while producing an image


  • It is originally a paid tool. Only a few pictures are free.
  • Dimensions cannot be defined

Pricing & Plans

The ai image generator tool offers a premium account after a few free images are created. The pricing is divided into two parts – Monthly and Yearly. It begins from USD 3.33 per month. If you are into AI image generators, this is a good choice for your expense.

Pricing Plan for Fotor

2. Dream AI – Quantity of Styles

Dream Studio AI, or Dream AI, is another AI Image generator that can produce marvelous images for you with the help of its mechanical program.

The picture quality is great and most of the pictures are visual arts rather than original photos.

Features & Capabilities

  • This tool uses a searching tool to match the text you provide to find if there are any already existing images in the database.
  • Human figure text without defining any gender will produce male photos with this image generator ai.
  • Produces only one picture per text. Premium features produce 4 pictures at a time.
  • You can download High res photos with this AI art generator

User interface & Ease-of-use

This high-quality image generator produces images in various genres and styles. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, so even beginners level users can use it perfectly. 

Dream AI User Interface is really easy to use

When you first log in with your account, you will see a text box where you can write texts of your desired images. Then you can select art style to produce the expected images. Let’s see how easily you can create an image: 

Our Test

Our test shows that the text-to-image ai command about humans, without any particular gender, produces male pictures. When defined, it gives you the gender you want. 

The output comes in high resolution enough to use on a presentation or used by enhancing a minimum 2X size. It is indeed great. And the option of using your own photos to generate more AI images is an extra addition you get. 

I have given some commands like Fotor. Let’s see what they produce: 

Command 01: A baseball player hitting a ball

Result for A baseball player hitting a ball by Dream AI

It seems 90% okay. Almost realistic. 

Command 02: Fresh vegetable on the table 

Result for Fresh vegetable on table  by Dream AI

It is also a great image to use. I think you can use this image in your blog. But for professional marketing content, you need more realistic images captured by a professional photographer. 


  • There are many styles available to choose from; the quantity is more than Fotor.
  • Very very user-friendly as an AI tool


  • Many good features belong to the Premium tool only
  • Only selected dimensions images can be produced

Pricing & Plans

You can buy credits to create more and more images with this tool. By default, you will get 100 credits. You can buy 1000 credits for $10. It can help you to generate around 5000 images extra with this AI image generator. Comparatively, this is cheap but still, it is a paid tool, not a free one.

Pricing Plans for Dream AI Paid Version

3. Craiyon – Best Free Tool

Cariyon is another AI image generator tool formally known as DALL*E mini. By adding photorealistic, high-definition, or illustration, you can create better imgages through this tool. 

You can create images with its free version and upgrade it any time to get more images at a time. 

Features & Capabilities

  • Provides 9 images against one text or command 
  • All the images you can download for free
  • You can also take screenshots of what’s happening.

User interface & Ease-of-use

The name Craiyon is actually a very creative one. Cr – AI – yon has an AI in the middle. Although the name is new, the tool is not. It was called DALL – E mini. The smaller version of DALL – E from OpenAI.

Craiyon is right now, the best tool you will get available online with the best free features. There are lots of styles available, and you will get the best outputs all at a time. Minimum 9 images are generated against a text or command, which is very promising for getting inspiration.

DALL-E mini is simpler than any other AI image generator tools I have used till now, but the options are really really limited. The styles are fixed, and the machine chooses from them.

And above all, the human face outputs are not the most gorgeous ones. For males or females, most of the faces are not perfected enough to be used in a presentation or artwork.

In the rarest cases, you will get some good portraits, but the number is less than a few actually.


Craiyon uses the same technology as DALL -E. It is the Neural Network technology. 

The technology is based on super-human brains. It works in such a way that the brain cells give a signal to each other and the whole body. We produce unlimited data and process information to generate something new from our own memory and critical thinking. This is how the Neural Network works.

Neural Network is a part of Deep learning as well as machine learning. It trains the AI to mimic the working procedure of a human brain. DALL – E and DALL – E Mini both are using the technology.

The commands find the best possible outcomes by binding the keywords, data available to them, and critical calculation. If that does not match with already existing data, the AI puts together many parts of many available data and coats it with more perfection. It is how this technology works.

Our Test

Command 01: A baseball player hitting a ball

Results for A baseball player hitting a ball by Craiyon

It takes about 1 minute to generate images depending on your internet connection. As you can see, they give lots of image options at a time. So, you can choose your best one from these. Some images seem good, and some are not realistic. 

Command 02: A table with lots of vegetables and fruits

Results for A table with lots of vegetables and fruits by Craiyon

It is awesome. Looks good. High resolution. You can use it for any blog or marketing purposes. 

Our test shows that without defining the gender, you will get male images of human figures with this text-to-image ai. But while you define, you can get an exact match to the commands. 


  • All the services provided by Craiyon are free for generating AI images
  • 9 images for one text is a good quantity for generating creative inspiration
  • Same text does not generate the same images for the second time


  • You cannot select any particular style to be implemented
  • Most of the human faces are distorted when this image generator ai produces human images

Pricing & Plans

This is a free tool you can use to generate 9 AI images at once. It is very effective and efficient. But with a premium account, you will get some extra benefits. Let’s check their pricing and plan.

Pricing plans for Craiyon paid version

4. Playground AI – Best Human Figure

Last night, I found an email about their new AI image generator tool. When I click their link and visit their home page, I feel interested in giving an overview of this tool. Do you know why? Let’s see their home page. 

Playground AI has good Human faces

Some pictures seem almost real. Now let’s check with our direction. 

Test 01: A baseball player hitting a baseball. 

Result for A baseball player hitting a baseball in Playground AI

The more I was impressed by its home page, the more I was depressed by the result after my first direction. But I want to do some more. 

I watched a youtube video on how to create good AI images with playground AI. You can also watch it. 

Test 02: 

A beautiful woman in office dress in an office

Other settings: 

Exclude negative words from images:  Ugly, Dark, Dirty, Sad, Unpleasant, Depressing, Boring, Dull, Disturbing, Foul, Gloomy, Grim, Harsh, Hazy, Melancholy, Muddy, Murky, Stark, Uneven, Uninspiring

Image dimensions : 512 x 512 

Prompt Guidance: 7

Quality and Details: 42

Number of Image: 4

Results for A beautiful woman with office dress in an office in Playground AI


I think you can use this for any purpose you want. 

My Opinion: 

It’s a great AI image-generating tool, but you need to give direction properly. I think I am going to use this tool for my personal projects. 

5. Canva – Best All Over

I think you already know this powerful tool. If you are a designer or use some photo-related work, you may have used it before. I love its easy image-creating features. In this AI age, it has added its new feature ‘ Text to image’ feature, in its product line. Let’s see its features and capabilities first. Then I will test this tool with some text. 

Features & Capabilities

  • You can generate 4 pictures at a time for one text
  • It has different style options to select from. You can also select the ratio of the images. 
  • The AI-generated pictures can be edited and joined with many other designs, uploaded images, and objects all in one place.
  • You can even turn your AI-generated image into part of a video.
  • You can download JPEG, PNG, and even PDF of different qualities, which is good for even printing bigger outputs.

Canva is one of the most popular tools being used for easy photo editing and graphics design at length. Right now, they have an AI Image generator but not to a great extent. Still, we have tried it and liked it.

So far, the image quality for human faces is quite good, and you can rely on them for a quick job. However, some of them have creepy smiles.

The Canva text-to-image AI tool can produce four images at a time. Canva has many free and premium features. But till now, the AI tool is totally free. And it can give you the best output with a selected resolution. One particular feature is absent from most of the other tools.

Canva made an impact on the visual art industry when it introduced free tools for quick graphics design editing; now, a good AI Image generator can really change the game for them and take Canva to the next level they deserve.

Still, without gender direction, like other ai art generator tools, Canva produces images of male persons for a human face. But with a specific direction, it gives you good pictures of human faces of a specific gender. 

Our test shows that the pictures generated by the AI are subtle. You may not be able to choose from different styles, and the generation of pictures is limited to 4, but the images can be downloaded as PNG, JPEG, or even PDF. So, the resolution is really good to work with. You can even join the image with other templates, objects, free pictures from pixels, and graphic designs of a different kind. This is the ultimate tool that may help you to gain the best out of an AI.


Like DALL-E, Canva’s technology also consists of neuroscience and technology in a box. This particular technology is called Stable Diffusion. 

Stable diffusion is part of the deep learning process and it is an opensource tool for personal usage. It also uses layers and layers of data to find out the possible matches with the text command and generate an image quite similar to what you expect.

Stable diffusion AI needs to learn more and more from the options chosen by the end user. In this way, the AI can perfect the image accordingly over time.


  • Photo Editing, Graphics, AI Image Generation, and Printing material selection all in one place
  • Good quality photos can be joined with text to images in many different ways.


  • The AI art generator is still improving. Not all the faces developed are good. Most of them have a very very creepy smile
You can download photos at any resolutions in Canva

6. DALL E 2 – Best Output

Features & Capabilities

  • DALL E AI art generator follows the styles of the most famous artists, but it is still at the beta stage
  • The security of the AI tool is very good, but problematic to access it from different devices.
  • The arts are marvelous and can give many styles to choose from
  • You can download High Res photos from the tool
An image created by DALL - E

User interface & Ease-of-use

This is the AI Image Generator or the AI Art Generator from OpenAI and the big version of the Craiyon. You will surely like it if you use it. It has the ability to see and adapt. 

DALL – E text-to-image ai is actually famous for the many options it can give you for a single text, and it is completely free. If you are into photorealistic digital arts for beauty, rather than cyberpunk or pop-culture styles, then you must try it even once.

ChatGPT has brought revolutionary changes in the creative field when it comes to writing, and the revolution is still going on. DALL-E is no different. It is more than ChatGPT at graphics designing.

The image generator ai can connect all types of commands without a problem, and outputs can never be overrated. The E 2 version is more specified and gives better options.

And this is the only platform of AI I have faced values security well. Maybe the rising of ChatGPT plays a vital role in this.

For this reason, it is impossible to access it sometimes


As we have mentioned earlier, neural network technology has been used in this tool to generate possibly the best outcome. 

There are two parts of producing an AI image. One is to match the possible texts with already available data; the second is to enhance the found data so that it matches the text accordingly. With these two parts, we can expect perfection in the image.

Right now, the beta testing versions of E 2 is still at the learning process. We can expect a major change in AI image generation sooner than we may think.


  • Very easy text to image ai tool to work with
  • Can easily give the best output and so many alternative options


  • Pricing of this text-to-image ai is higher than a usual AI tool
  • You may lose your account while accessing from different devices

Pricing & Plans

Dall – E 2 pricing varies with a resolution of downloading the images created. 256 pixels images, you have to spend $0.016, while for 512 pixels, it is $0.018. There are 1024 pixel images are also available. These will cost you $ 0.02 each.

Comparison of the Best AI Image Generator Tools

We will be evaluating the present scenario of the 6 tools now. From the comparison, you can easily find out the best one for you:

1. Features

Most of the AI image generator tools have the same text-to-image or text-to-illustrator features. Some of them provide good-quality human faces, and some of them do not. Whatever the case is, we have to remember that the AI tools are still in their learning process. 

Canva is providing good human faces, while DALL – E mini is also providing good faces. But Crayon and some other tools still have a long way to go. 

2, UX Experience & Interface

Canva is one of the top tools when it comes to UX experience. Right now, many users use Canva AI tools just because it lets you directly combine templates and objects and let you download them in fully high res. If you are not going for a UX experience, then direct text-to-speech and normal AI tools will be beneficial for you.

Crayon is another easy-to-use AI tool. Canva and Craiyon are actually the top two tools when it comes to UX experience. On the other hand, Fotor and Dream AI have many complex options and customizable possibilities. Still, we do not think they are as simple as the other two.

3. Pricing

Pricing plays an important factor when you choose the right AI tool for you. Fotor and DALL E provides options for downloading smaller quantity of generated photos and the pricing is comparatively lower. 

Canva Premium is in high demand, and you cannot download a smaller quantity of Premium elements without paying first. This is very, very important when choosing.

Besides, some of the tools are totally free like Craiyon and Canva’s normal account. You can also get benefitted from them if you do not have a budget.

  1. Number of Options

Another important feature to be compared is the number of options provided by the AI tools. Craiyon can provide you with 9 options for an image at a time, while some other tools, like dream AI can provide only one. If you want good inspiration, you need as many images as produced. 

How to Choose the Best AI Image Generator

The best AI Image Generator must have the following qualities to satisfy your hunger for inspiration or make a good impression on your readers. Otherwise you cannot use them on your blogs-

  • The AI tool must recognize your command perfectly. If you are looking for a writer’s picture, it must not provide you with a motor riders picture.
  • Elements of the AI image should be as realistic as they can be. The AI tool must not become too much unrealistic. It is good for digital art and all, but you cannot expect such software to be used on a usual blog.
  • The downloading resolution of the text to image ai should be high. Otherwise, when downloaded, you cannot work with low res pictures.
  • Text commands, when given for the second or the third time, should not generate the same pictures repeatedly. It destroys the possibility of making something new.
  • The human faces, if needed, should be isometric and not distorted. If it happens, then there is no value in using the image generator ai anywhere.
  • The UX experience of a text-to-image ai should be good. You should be able to use it easily. Otherwise, the complexity may take the fun out of it.

If you follow this guideline then you can surely choose from the best AI tools.


If you are looking for the best output, you must choose the best AI Image generator among the high quantity of AI tools available. All of them have different applications, and you must know which one is the best for you.

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