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What is B2B Copywriting – Beginners Guide With Examples & 10 Strategies to Convert

Do you know that the average B2B copywriter is paid above $70000 per year? Yes, it’s. It’s surprising, but it’s true. 

If you want to know what is B2B copywriting and if you want to become a top-rated B2B copywriter, start the crucial steps with this beginner guide. 

This article will tell you strategies you can practice and examples of the best copywriting, and also provide you with wonderful tips to convert. So what to wait for? Let’s get started.

What is B2B Copywriting?

Copywriting is to attract potential clients with your writing advertisements and emails etc. The term B2B means business-to-business copywriting.

B2B copywriting is about writing landing pages, white papers, descriptions, sales pages, about pages, home pages, cold email writing, etc., for other companies.

B2B copywriting audiences are so specific. It’s about copywriting by a company, with its target audience being other related businesses. The purpose of B2B copywriting is to convert other business owners.

Main objectives of B2B copywriting 

  • The main objective of B2B copywriting is conversion.
  • Also, the objective is to increase brand awareness and knowledge about the product among the people.
  • It also aims to draw a new audience and let them know and purchase the product you are writing for.

Types of B2B Copywriting

1. Landing pages B2B Copywriting 

It is the same as general copywriting for landing pages, but the target audience and design make the difference in B2B copywriting. The B2B copywriter audience is specific to other business owners who can choose that product or service.

So by keeping them in mind, landing pages are designed and written professionally and result-oriented. The tone and calling action are very logical and business oriented in B2B, unlike B2C, as it emotionally connects and drags the audience. 

2. White papers

White papers are still effective in promoting and marketing. Writing a note and describing how effective the product will work and its benefits comes under the white papers. 

White papers help in taking the attention of some business people who don’t want to spend much time reading everything. 

3. Ebooks

Ebooks are the most straightforward and effective tool to describe a product. It includes how the product works, how to install the product or service, how to work with it, and the possible FAQ related to the product. 

4. Social media posts

Writing professional, engaging, and attractive posts regularly with clear, attentive descriptions, taglines, and headings. Each and every day, tonnes of posts flow on social media platforms. 

If you want to make other business owners and people recognize and identify and make them commit to you, social media B2B copywriting needs to be attractive enough. Hence it’s about writing different kinds of captions, short stories, descriptions, etc.

5. Other platforms for B2B copywriting 

Not all businesses run on websites. Some businesses drag clients from platforms like medium, quora, etc. Many companies create a page, publication, or group on those platforms and write about solutions to the product. 

It also gives regular updates about the product. 

6. Infographics

Infographics are so popular these days. They represent the data or information with the help of pictures, graphs, etc. These are essential tools to draw the attention of the reader quickly.

B2B copywriters write the headings, titles, or data inside the tables, pie charts, bar graphs, etc. 

Types of B2B Copywriters

SEO B2B copywriter

Even if you write a hundred posts on your product, it might not reach the correct business audience. Both the audience and google should love your content. To make Google approve your content and distribute it for you, you need to impress with SEO.

SEO copywriters maintain every element of the rules of B2B copywriting and keep their focus mainly on SEO parameters. They help the organization by writing SEO-based content to reach more audiences. 

Technical B2B copywriter

Suppose you sell a product on children’s nutrition gain or an AI-based software or organization on cryptocurrency. You can’t run and expand your business with a general copywriter. 

They might need to learn the processes and terminologies included. They might take time to know about it. You need someone who’s strong at technical writing to confidently and accurately explain your products, services, and solutions. 

Creative B2B copywriter

If you look at canva, the landing pages, and the descriptions are creative and well-designed. Creative B2B copywriter attracts the audience with their creative skills. 

These are the three main types of B2B copywriters. However, a B2B copywriter must know all the types to succeed well.

Best Examples of B2B Copywriting for Better Understanding

Here are the top five examples of B2B Copywriting.


Agentwring as B2B copywriting example

Agentwriting is an example of b2b copywriting. Though it also serves individual projects, the main projects are other businesses. The landing page of Agentwriting is an example of B2B copywriting.


Semrush as B2B copywriting example

Semrush is the most famous tool for all websites and blogs to get a precise domain overview, 

traffic analysis, organic research, keyword research, backlinks, position tracking, and many more.

The target customers of Semrush are not a single audience. They target business websites because they will purchase the whole premium to know everything about their site. 

B2B copywriting in Semrush is on writing descriptions about the tools, writing updates, solutions for queries, promotion articles, etc.


With the rise in the video information and knowledge process through videos, there is a huge rush for voice-over. Voice-over is used in multiple areas like youtube videos, presentations, courses, etc.

Speechify as B2B copywriting example

If you have a presentation today, you will dub yourself, or even if you have a series of videos, you will dub yourself. But you are into a business like professional course creators or creating youtube videos. You will need a voice-over to avoid a heavy editing process and for the best audio.

The target audience is business creators. Specify has excellent copywriters, and the products are clearly explained on the website.


Upwork is the best platform for freelancing jobs to provide or to look for. Upwork has the best copywriters that sculpted their pages with beautiful descriptions and divisions.

Upwork as B2B copywriting example

If you notice, the people who are purchasing premiums are business people. They will hire multiple times. Upwork has a good landing page and detailed results with search.


Salesforce as B2B copywriting example

Salesforce is a lift enabling small-scale and medium-scale businesses to grow. It has a beautiful landing page. 

Salesforce is widely used by businesses and companies to understand and analyze things.


Canva as B2B copywriting example

Canva is the most colorful and desired site with simple B2B writings and the utmost creativity. The templates provided by canva are also provided with perfect B2B copywriting where the other businesses can just replace their company.

The users are everywhere, from small-scale businesses to large ones for canva. 


Zoom as B2B copywriting example

After the pandemic hit, zoom deserves enormous credit. Because it allows discussing and continuing the work from everywhere. Zoom makes regular conversations, business meetings, and deals more accessible and efficient.

All the business owners shifted to zoom, and it’s in widespread current use and mode of conducting meetings online.

These are some examples of B2B copywriting. 

Strategies of B2B Copywriting That Can Convert

Here are the top 10 strategies you must use while writing for B2B. These top 10 tips can help in conversion.

A Creative Brainstorming Headline

A creative, well-defined, rich title holds the viewers for a second and tempts the reader to open it. Headline always plays a crucial role in changing the mindset of the viewer. 

A boring headline makes the viewers not open the content even if it might be so good. An eye-catchy trending and related headline make the viewer open it and read it. 

You can notice yourself with the eye catchy headlines, you will stop and start reading it even if it is not relevant to you.

Know Your Client First.

You can’t produce the best content writing without knowing to whom you are writing. You will write in a generalized way if you don’t know your business.

Ask the questions yourself on

  • Who you are writing for and the knowledge level of the reader
  • What is the firm level
  • What are their expectations
  • Who are their competitors 
  • What are their drawbacks

So understand who your client is and what is your target audience. Then understand which strategy can work on them and how you can convert them.

Intense Research

For any copywriting, research holds more percentage than writing. You need to research more intensely. Know the answers to the following questions before starting B2B copywriting.

  • What are your target companies and product lines
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • How can you help them better
  • Who are your competitors 
  • How you can cross and rank better than competitors 
  • What are the existing solutions and drawbacks of them
  • Analyzing and reading the detailed report of your current copywriting business
  • What are the highlights and essential positive aspects of your own company?

Maintaining SEO

Trust us, SEO is the heart of any writing. You need to have medium-level SEO skills. You must try to learn A to Z on SEO. SEO-based writing helps in reaching more audiences and improvise your traffic. So maintain SEO.

A copywriter must know SEO at a medium level. Otherwise, though how much best you provide in your writing, it will not reach a maximum number of people. 

SEO in B2B copywriting

Stat Rule

Many people have purchased our product and given excellent reviews vs.13554 people who have already purchased our product. Now, it’s your turn to grab the best deals.

Which one is better? Where would you go to purchase it? 

The second one, right? Because statistics and numbers give trust to the audience. They will be more attracted to it than writing plain texts. You can show proof if you can. You can also include the percentages, ranks, positions, etc.

Serious Yet creative and Innovative

The primary purpose of B2B copywriting is for business audiences. So you need to be formal in writing. Your tone and style should be very professional. 

But you should keep your creativity and innovative thoughts in writing. Yes, it’s possible to include seriousness and creativity in writing. 

Facts and Accurate Information

Whatever the form of B2B copywriting is, you should always write facts and accurate information. It affects the company’s profile a lot. With wrong percentages, numbers, and information, the blame will be on the company, not on the copywriters.

In the view of expanding business and increasing sales, you should not write inaccurate information to drive people’s attention. Write accurate information, whatever it’s perfect.

Simple Yet Creative

Even if you have excellent vocabulary skills or the product you are writing for is highly technical, don’t use sophisticated language. Go for simple writing and understandable by everyone. 

Also, creativity is the heart of gaining attention. So try to be as creative and connected to the people as possible.

Small tip: Edit with Hemingway editor before submitting your work.

Highlight the Positive Aspects Instead of Features

Be on the reader’s side for a while and think from their view. Again ask yourself the following questions.

  • Why the other business should purchase your product or service
  • What are your accomplishments in that sector
  • How your service is better than your competitors 
  • How old your product is, and what are your recent updates
  • What are the different significant benefits of purchasing your product.

If the business you write for has the best sales in the previous year or won an award for anything, etc., highlight those parts more. You can grab the attention a lot by giving a view on how you are better than others and how you benefit people by purchasing your product.

Also, it’s a common and most important thing many people would commit mistakes here. You shouldn’t keep on writing about features; instead, you should write about the benefits. 

Energy and attention-driven content 

Sometimes, you will purchase the product or look for information about a product even if you don’t have any intention to buy the product. The credit goes to the copywriter. 

The content, description, and writing styles should be energetic and enthusiastic. It should let the customers at least search for the product information.

These are the top 10 strategies you must implement in B2B copywriting. 

Important note: After finishing editing your work, give and show your work to many people. Testing is much required. Take the feedback and implement it again. Do not process with your review only.

What is the Difference Between B2B Copywriting and B2C Copywriting? 

Here is the comparison table of differences between B2B and B2C copywriting.

B2B CopywritingB2C Copywriting
DefinitionB2B means business-to-business copywriting. It means writing posts or articles, or information by a firm for other organizations.B2C means business-to-consumer copywriting. It’s about writing articles or posts for the audience directly.
Target audience The target audience is other business people, small firms, and related companies where their product is worthwhile.The target audience is people who are interested in that niche and product.
ToneThe tone is very formal and professional.The tone depends on the target audience.
AudienceB2B copywriting is for other businesses. Hence they are more driven by logic and research the company and background before purchasing.As B2C is for the direct customer. Emotion and connectivity are sufficient to let them purchase the product. They don’t require an intense background search
FactorsThe factors in B2B writing are about time-saving, convenience, flexibility, less stress, additional features, etc.The factors are desires and requirements and budget etc.


How much do B2B copywriters make?

As B2B copywriting is written for other businesses, the expected profits are more with B2B copywriting. Hence the average B2B copywriters earn $60000 to $80000 per year in reputed organizations.

The small-level and individual projects also fetch reasonable amounts starting from $500.

How do I become a B2B copywriter?

Becoming a B2B copywriter for a reputed large-level organization without years of experience and interviews. Because being a B2B copywriter has a direct relationship with lead generation and conversion.

But you can first apply for individual and small-level jobs in B2B copywriting. The best thing you can do is apply for freelance B2B copywriting jobs on platforms like Upwork.

Then you can slowly level up yourself and learn more skills and knowledge about the strategies. You can then join any good organization after attaining a certain skill level. 

Remember, the more creative and practice the appropriate strategies, the faster you can master the skill of B2B copywriting.

Which one is difficult in B2B and B2C?

The tone and style of B2B copywriting are so logical and practical, whereas for B2C, it’s establishing the connection. The important part of B2B copywriting is that you must be creative, funny, attractive, and professional.

It’s hard to keep all those elements in a single copy. There are no certain guidelines and boundaries for so many on B2C. But there are in B2B copywriting. Hence B2B copywriting is a bit more challenging than B2C.


This is all about what is B2B copywriting. We have mentioned what is B2B copywriting, types of B2B copywriting, B2B copywriting examples, and the strategies you can implement to convert.

I hope you understood and received a good overview of B2B copywriting. B2B is all about practicing and using the right approach at the right time. We, the agent writing team are in this field for 10-plus years.

Whether it is individual, small level, or even larger level, there are services for any type. The thorough experience and knowledge enable us to write with sure shot conversion. Contact us for a quick quote.

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