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Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest: Tips and Tricks for Success

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms on which 30% of its audience belongs 25-34 years old. And the active members of Pinterest are about half a billion. It is used for personal branding and is dedicated to business growth. 

Affiliate marketers use this for their high-engaged users and targeted audience. When you read this article, my new Pinterest account has already crossed 200k per month views for my affiliate project. Our target is to grasp 10-20% of all visitors from social media. Do you know why? I am trying to lessen my dependency on the search engine as a new update in the Google search engine is terrific sometimes. 

As I am also doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest, I will try my level best to give in-depth work and strategies about it. 

Why Should You Use Pinterest Affiliate Marketing? 

Well, you should use Pinterest for affiliate marketing for many reasons. The first one is the number of visitors. Pinterest is one of the highest-growing social media, with over 478 million active users. 

Most people come to Pinterest to find new products and ideas. They don’t come here just to spend their leisure time. Most people come here to learn about new ideas. Though this is a visual medium, you can add a link to your website or direct affiliate link and earn a commission. 

Another reason is the countries. The highest number of people on Pinterest comes from the USA. So, if your target area is the USA, you have a good chance to sell your product. 

Over 60% of visitors on Pinterest are female. You can keep that in mind while selecting your product and niche. 

Now you know why you need Pinterest for affiliate marketing. Now, you need to understand the Pinterest platform for efficiently doing affiliate marketing. 

Understanding Pinterest Platform for Affiliate Marketing

General users use Pinterest to discover new ideas and content and save them on their boards. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social media platforms, it doesn’t present real-time posts. It shows highly-performed posts to the users, and users repin them save for the future. 

Understanding the audience demographics will help you to understand which niches will perform better on this platform. So, let’s know some audience demographics first. 

Understanding Pinterest Platform for Affiliate Marketing

  1. More than 60% of its users are female. 
  2. 97% of Top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. So, there has a great opportunity if your affiliate deal is new in the market or unbranded. 
  3. To start a new project, 85% of pinners say they come here. 

To learn more, click on the audience of Pinterest

This platform has a wide range of niches and communities. The most popular niches on Pinterest are art, home decor, entertainment, women’s fashion, Beauty, food, event planning, DIY and Crafts, health, and more. 

The popularity changes over time. So, you can check trends on Pinterest through its own tool, Pinterest Trends

You are now acknowledged of the importance of Pinterest and understand the basics of this platform. Now, it is time to set up a Pinterest account for affiliate marketing. 

Can I directly add affiliate links on Pinterest? 

Yes, you can. Here are the 3 best possible ways to do that. 

Finding and Joining Affiliate Programs

There are lots of affiliate programs and networks from where you will get a huge range of products and services. The popular affiliate programs and networks are Amazon Associates, Commission Junctions, ShareAsale, and many more. 

First of all, you need to join these programs or networks. Then you need to choose a profitable niche. Many experts say you need to choose a niche in which you are passionate. I slightly agree with this statement. I love to work on a niche in which I have an interest and have good profitability. 

Some niches are fascinating but don’t have good profitability in the future. Again, some niches are very profitable, but if you don’t have interest and are highly competitive, then you should not start with those niches. 

Don’t worry. I have a complete guide on How to choose niche for affiliate website

I hope you now have a perfect niche. It’s time to promote your affiliate links. There are lots of ways to promote affiliate links. Today, I will focus on how to promote affiliate links through Pinterest. 

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – A Complete Step-By-Step Guide 

Creating a Pinterest account is the first step in engaging in affiliate marketing on the platform. Then, make boards that are directly associated with the market or subject you intend to advertise. Make sure the titles and descriptions of the boards contain relevant keywords.

1. First Method – Direct Affiliate

Find and join affiliate programs.

The first step is finding a suitable affiliate program. For beginners, an Amazon affiliate is the best option. Amazon has a massive brand value, and you can find any product within your niche. One problem is the commission rate is not as high as some other affiliate programs, but if you can sell more, that is not a big deal.

Create attractive pins

Since Pinterest is primarily a visual medium, it’s crucial that pins be well-designed. Include text and high-quality photographs that explain why customers should buy your goods. If you want your pins to appear their best on Pinterest, choose images that are 1000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels tall.

Write compelling descriptions

Use the pin’s description section to provide a concise, captivating description of the product that compels readers to visit the website. You should clearly write the product description and highlight important features. The most important thing is, DO NOT forget to use the keyword you are targeting.

Add Affiliate Link

After writing the product description, it’s time to add the product’s affiliate link. Every affiliate marketplace provides a unique affiliate link to identify you are the person responsible for sending the visitor to the website. After writing the description, you have to insert the affiliate link. Pinterest has a separate box where you can insert that link.

Important Note: NEVER use any short link (bitly or any other kind.) Pinterest has a strong rule against short links. Pinterest wants their visitor to know ‘this is an affiliate link they are clicking on.’ Use the full (It looks ugly, but you must use it.)

Pin consistently

Do it regularly but DO NOT overdo it. You should pin a few products daily and find new unique products to bring traffic to your pins.

Helpful Tips – This is the most challenging method to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest. As you are not providing any information not providing website links, it’s tough for people to trust you. And the second problem is if you pin the same item over and over, there is a high chance that Pinterest will block your account. Here comes the idea pin.

2. Method 2 – Idea Pins

 To get started, make some “Idea Pins” on Pinterest, which differ from “regular Pins” in that you can’t provide a link to the content itself. Moreover, you can add multiple images and videos in idea pins. Though you can not add direct affiliate links, you will get more options to provide information on the product by using idea pins.

Important Note: Idea Pins get more Google search visibility than regular pins.

The second step is to create a portfolio on an external website. Many tools offer this type of service. Some of the top names are Linktree and Solo. You can use the free version, but I suggest using the pro version as that will give you more flexibility and options.

Now the most tricky part. How will you send people to your profile, as there is no straight linking option in the idea pin? Here is the trick. Insert the link to your profile in your Pinterest profile. And write “To see the product click on my bio” on the image or video you are posting.

People will go to your profile, find the product, buy it, and you will get a commission; awesome!

Useful Tips: Use video to educate people and then tell them to click on your profile. Remember, the best way to sell a product is to earn

Why this method is handier?

There is more than one benefit. When you are using idea pins, you can use many images. Thus, you can educate the users about the product. People who will visit the idea pin will trust you more as you educate them.

The second benefit is when they visit your profile; they will see all the products. It gives you more chance to sell other products.  

2. Method 3 – Website

This is the most convenient method and most effective at the same time.

  •  Choosing the best affiliate program is the first step. Try to choose items that fit in with the focus of your website and the interests of your target market. Find an appropriate affiliate program, sign up, and obtain your affiliate links.
  • The next step is to make compelling content that advertises the affiliate products on your website. You can quietly promote your items via content like reviews, tutorials, and blog entries that actually help your readers out. Don’t forget to sprinkle your affiliate links throughout the article to encourage readers to go through and make a purchase.
  • The moment has come to start promoting your pins on Pinterest. Make pins with catchy titles and graphics to attract more attention to the material on your website. Use hashtags and keywords associated with your topic and content to make it easier to find.  

Important Note: This is a lengthy process, but this is the handiest way to do an affiliate program, as you own a website and don’t need to rely on any specific social media platform. 

 Final words 

Pinterest is great for advertising to a receptive audience because of its large user base and emphasis on visual content. However, you have to use good techniques to attract people and send them to your desired affiliate links. I hope the tricks described above were helpful to you, and now you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest with the best method that suits you.

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